GW is first-of-its-kind ‘lifestyle with a difference’ online magazine.

A potpourri of the soulful, new, unique and the different as a result of one’s wander in and out.

An amalgamation of tireless thoughts and actions to touch, inspire, inform, invigorate, help and make you aware.

It is beaded by the belief that each one of us not only has a story but also IS a story. And, the honest attempt here is to find the soul of it.


The wander that takes us somewhere
The wander that takes us nowhere
The wander that explores
The wander that’s at times within
We are all wanderers in some way or the other…
You and I, in our own gorgeous ways!
Seeking, wanting, exploring,
Caring, daring, inspiring,
Mostly, feeling…
We are the Gorgeous Wanderers.

At GW, we believe –

A story isn’t something that is other than your identity. It is very much you. Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, if you are owning your calling, then You’re The Story –

Of success, failure, hope, belief, self-discovery, unconventional thought processes.

Of experiences, people, social change.

Of path-breaking, never-heard-before stuff or anything that is simple yet great.

Of travel, tales that touch or simply something that irritates much,

Of love or this beautiful life…

Come, let’s say it together!