Book: 100 Desi Stories: Legendary Leaders

Author: Madhur Zakir Hallegua

Genre: Self Help

Publishing House: Jaico


‘100 Desi Stories: Legendary Leaders’ is a testament to the talents inspirations and resilience of a hundred trailblazers. These crusaders may be royal, warriors, rebels and reformists. Spiritual mentors, artists, activists or sports persons who have proved their mettle under the most trying circumstances.

Emperor Akbar stabilized the Mughal economy; Mahatma Gandhi lead the Indian Independence Movement; Arundhati Roy continues to pen master pieces and win hearts; Sachin Tendulkar scored the highest number of runs and centuries in Test and one day cricket – the stories of these leaders from the ancient and contemporary times will inspire you to achieve your goals.

Each story ends with pertinent questions making the reader introspect. It reminds them to persist through hardships to realize their dreams.


100 Desi Stories: Legendary Leaders can be rightly called the Pandora’s box for short-story lovers. Madhur Zakir Hallegua has put in a sincere effort to collect stories from the ancient era to modern times. The collection of stories are a source of learning and help you determine the difference between a leader and a follower. Through his simple yet effective writing, Hallegua has attempted to inspire us by taking us through the lives of the legends who changed India.

The book has beautifully described the evident as well as hidden qualities of distinguished personalities including some of the renowned leaders, philosophers, painters, warriors and many more. The collection of told, untold sagas intrigued the reader in me and left me asking for more. Every story has a lesson for one to absorb and imbibe.

Be it the incidents from the lives of spiritual mentors or rebels that lived on their own terms, your thought process is bound to be served enough fodder of inspiration and determination and there’s a possibility that it paves way for you to end up thinking differently.

‘100 Desi Stories’ helps one understand the humble beginnings of the leaders and how they earned prominent titles. There’s a story of Rani Ahilyabai Holkar who became a  queen without winning a war. One of the chapters delves into Saint Mirabai’s life and how she became the epitome of devotion. I found the narrative on Shivaji Maharaj, who won hearts of common people, quite interesting while the success story of Mahendra Singh Dhoni was also worth a read.

The short-and-sweet stories of loyalty, intelligence, valor, unselfishness, responsibility and many such values have been brought together for the reader to understand the anatomy of a leader and how their approach towards life’s everyday challenges differs from a common man.

This book helps those who have forgotten the art of leading their lives with unshaken conviction. It will take you on an introspection trip and, I truly didn’t mind having one.


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