Book: The Autobiography of a Stock

Author: Manoj Arora

Genre: Fiction

Publishing House: Jaico


Stock are simple and powerful investment tools . But lack of knowledge make them a dangerous gamble. And so the common man dreads entering the stock market when it should be an inseparable part of his portfolio. The Autobiography of a Stock takes a unique look at the problem through the eyes of Mr. Stock.

Gobind, a young man eager to invest, approaches Mr. Stock for help to guide him and discovers unforgettable 83 lessons in this entire journey. Tried tested and thoroughly practical, these lessons are stock market scripture that can bring you not only excellent returns but also long-term wealth.


The Autobiography of a Stock is an elaborative common man’s guide to stock investments that provides understanding of stock market basics without any usage of technical jargon.

Through this piece, the author – Manoj Arora – tries to take you through an expedition that has ‘stock’ as the personified main character where it encourages a common man like you and me to know more about its world.

It is interesting to go through a journey of a young man, Gobind who approaches Mr. Stock for help to guide him through the roller coaster ride of buying stock, holding on to it and finally exiting it in time.

The first half helps you to understand about basic terminologies related to stock market and the other half takes you through an analytical passage.

Arora has used human psychology to his advantage. The psychology that has them eager to dig into the life of others and know about their success mantras. The essence of the book is to show how humans are stuck in the mad race to earn money and how stocks can provide financial freedom, if invested in wisely.

The book also throws light on how knowledge, patience, faith can turn the dangerous gamble of stocks into success and that nothing is pre-written.

Facts are simple but the figures are complicated. The book asks you to unlearn before learning to indulge in the price game that has ‘confusion’ at its centre, a welcome emotion that helps you to deal with the soaring heights and dismal lows.

Each answer leads you to learn a simple lesson. The pictorial representation through graphs and charts makes it quite interesting as it helps in comparative analysis of different stages of investments.

Despite sufficient explanation on stocks, there are times you may feel disconnected. However, it is a complete solution for the first timers. It allows one to learn the mind game through rational behaviour, escape the gimmicks and discover unforgettable lessons in the noisy world of stocks.


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