Author: Jasmin Waldmann

Genre: Fiction (Self-Help)

Publishing House: Jaico


Amit Malhotra, 35, is a high-flying investment banker who loves his gut and all things gourmet. Amit is living the proverbial good life, which includes a loving family, a successful career and a luxurious life – albeit with a paunch.

When a pretty twenty-something calls him ‘uncle’ by mistake, the young corporate honcho is forced to evaluate his lifestyle. As if that weren’t enough, Amit has to face the harsh realities of his fast-paced life when he loses a close friend and colleague to a fatal heart attack in the middle of a conference.

After this shock to his system, the gym-hating, food-binging couch potato realizes that he will have to change his ways before a heart attack claims him too. But will he be able to accomplish this steep climb?

Change Me captures in detail a common man’s inspiring journey towards holistic fitness with the help of a life coach. Join Amit as he discovers his true being – his mind, body and spirit – and marches towards a healthy, fulfilling future.


How does your daily schedule look like? Wake up. Get ready. Eat Breakfast. Head to work. Come back late. Eat dinner. Sleep. Repeat? There’s a good scope that you’d relate to Amit Malhotra. Though, his lifestyle might vary a bit from what’s written here or what you lead; there is no way you will not nod your head while reading his journey.

Malhotra is successful, loves his job (or so), has almost next-to-nothing to do with fitness, and is happy to be where and how he is. Until the day he wakes up from slumber when a young, dashing co-worker dies in the middle of a conference. This was just like adding salt to his injury (when a girl addressed him as an uncle). Like every person, it is then Malhotra decides to get his act straight.

The daily hassles and tiredness of our lifestyle makes us put fitness to the backseat. Often, we tend to ignore the signs. Each day, we just keep reminding ourselves that we’ll begin from tomorrow but that tomorrow never comes. It is this gap in the minds of the people that Jasmin Waldmann – an international life coach — addresses in her book.

The title, at the outset, will give you a feel of yet-another-self-help book. However, it is when you start reading it that it turns into a book with a story. Not many self-help books are written in this manner. Perhaps, that’s what makes Change Me different and makes it an unputdownable read. The author has very carefully structured Malhotra’s journey into chapters that begin with a ‘Prologue’ and then go on as ‘Recognise’, ‘Realize’, ‘Reveal’, ‘Rebuild’, ‘Recover’ so on.

Instead of preaching about weight-loss, Jasmin Waldmann, through the life of Malhotra chronicles what any young man/woman goes through in today’s day and age. The book is an example of the life that perhaps Waldmann has come across in the form of her patients as a life coach.

The book is worth a read, if you don’t go by judging the title of the book. Barring a few proofing errors here and there, it is easy-to-read and a good take at human psychology in a quest to bring about the change within. There is no harm in picking up this book to bring the change in you.


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