Book: It’s my Girlfriend’s Wedding

Author: Sahil Rajput

Genre: Romance

Publishing House: Fingerprint!


A perfect gentleman, an astute businessman, Vivan Bakshi has it all. But he is about to lose his girlfriend to someone else! Left with her wedding invitation, what will Vivan do?

From a silver spoon existence to roadside dhaba drudgery, Vivan undertakes it all as he sets off in search of his love, finding a lot more into the bargain.


I received this book as a review copy.

By the look of it, I expected it to be a light contemporary romance and not anything close to earth-shattering. Despite my already-low expectations, the story was still disappointing.  The author seems to have picked up bits and pieces of various, popular novels and just mixed them into one.

The story revolves around Vivan Bakshi, the brand new CEO of Technocall, an everyday International BPO. Maya, the female protagonist, is an employee in the same firm.

The love story begins with a cliched scene where Maya spills coffee all over Vivan’s expensive suit.  The next day she finds out that the guy she spilled her coffee on is Vivan who is the new CEO. Vivan is impressed with Maya’s ideas and decides to promote her to the position of Executive Director. In a scene stolen straight from Fifty Shades of Grey, Vivan uses the company helicopter to fly Maya to Hisar (of all the places, phew!) so they can celebrate an idea pitched successfully to a big firm. An idiotic excuse forces Vivan and Maya to spend the night in Vivan’s Hisar farmhouse – just one of the many clichés that define author’s piece of work for me.

The love story flows along smoothly until something unexpected happens. Maya plans to tell her mom about Vivan and the fact that Vivan’s father has given a go-ahead for the relationship. But in a strange turn of storyline, her mom reveals that Maya is a princess. Her grandfather is a king, a ruler to a few small villages (anyone thinking of the Princess Diaries at this point?) and that she is already married to a Royal because child marriage is still the norm in her so-called realm.

Maya runs to Vivan for help but he refuses to take her concerns seriously and she ends up leaving him. She goes back to her village to get married again to the same guy who she was supposedly married to as a child. The rest of the crazy story follows Vivan’s attempt to win her back.

Oh! And the author also wanted to throw in a social issue. Hence, the burning topic of ‘Child Marriage’ found an inclusion as well.

Overall, author’s story was an incoherent disaster and the only redeeming factor was it being short, the only reason I could make it to the end.

I would give this a 1.5 out of 5.


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