Book: Of Noble Blood

Author: Braja Sorensen

Genre: Fiction

Publishing House: Jaico


Raj, a cloth merchant’s son from Delhi, lives contemplative life in the old town of Sultanpur. He seeks meaning in his rapidly advancing nation but feels that India’s beauty is locked in past and forgotten by consistent desire to imitate the West.

Guided by his wise grandfather, Raj sets out to explore the source of all things spiritual, cultural and poetic. As he learns to be a guardian of millions of souls who take birth in this land, he must ensure they have a truly spiritual place to call home. And so he comes face to face with last true evil that roams the earth, the enemy of world and the one who has brought emperors to their knees: KALI.


What comes to your mind while thinking about the Indian History? Those much-celebrated fancy stories of Gods, Goddesses or may be the emperors, empresses and dynasties who once ruled our nation, isn’t it?!

Cut to present times. Imagine. You are on an expedition to find purpose of your life and you get a chance to meet these characters from the Indian History. What do you think will be your reaction in a situation where characters like Devi, Kali, Lobha, Kama appear before you? Will your pre-conceived notions dominate or will you be able to dare yourself to ask them questions? What kind of patience and concentration level would be required by you to understand their answers and how deep will be the impact of these answers on your life? Will you be able to find purpose of your birth/life with the help of these encounters or will you consider them as an illusion or a day dream?

Author Braja Sorensen helps us to answer all these questions and see the aforesaid situation from the eyes of Raj, a cloth merchant’s son from Delhi, who is drawn by the aroma of faraway years of Indian glory. Sorensen has served us a platter of events to know glorious past of India which is hidden, unexplored and untouched.

In his quest to find himself, Raj seeks guidance from his grandfather, who makes him believe that “questioning is a sign of intelligence, and so one must utilize one’s intelligence in search for their purpose in life.” The zeal to explore purpose of his life takes Raj through a long journey, starting from The Taj Mahal in Agra to the Himalayan foothills.The enthralling medley of drama, fantasy and history grips Raj as he seeks answers to all his questions with accidental and timely encounters with Durga, Saraswati, Kali and many such Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Following a series of spellbinding visions from them, Raj’s destiny unfolds.

The face-to-face conversations with the dieties helps Raj to understand that “mind is king of all senses” and “there is always something other than what you see on the surface.” This complete journey helps Raj to discover what makes some prominent characters from the lap of history have deeper impact on people and why others have a relatively lesser prominence.

Each character brought in by the author in regular intervals makes one understand the purpose of life and the way to live it fully. Of Noble Blood celebrates the possibilities of glorious, timeless India and helps you to see through an extraordinary life of Raj, where he understands that essence of love is service and every moment of life is blissful.

I’d recommend it for those who still hold certain unanswered questions deep within. This book is for you.


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