Book: From Ideas to Iconic Brands

Genre: Business

Author: Giles Lury

Publisher: Jaico


A cross between a business book and a storybook, From Ideas to Iconic Brands is a collection of 101 accessible, enjoyable and revealing tales behind the creation of some of the world’s greatest brands, including Mercedes, Apple, Disney, KFC, WWF, Guinness World Records and Coca-Cola.


Not all business books are written in a way that makes you read them as stories and not merely as books meant to impart ideas to your otherwise idle brain. Giles Lury, an executive chairman of The Value Engineers — a marketing and advertising firm — has done exactly that with his new book From Ideas to Iconic Brands.  

He calls himself a story collector of “brands”. Considering he comes from the world of brands and marketing, he surely understands the importance that a good story holds when it comes to brands. The thought with which he has put together stories of 101 iconic brands is no mean feat. What’s more appealing is the fact how he has ensured that you know the story behind each and every brand; and apply perhaps those ideas through a “moral” that’s given at the end of every chapter to make you balance out the pros and cons of setting a brand.

The book is divided into nine sections beginning with Branding, Origins, moving onto Naming and Identities, Marketing Strategy, Communication, Innovation, Repositioning and Renovation, and finally concluding with The Morals and Final Words. Each chapter in every section ends with a moral that’s sure to make you feel interested in setting up your own brands. Lury brings together brands like Apple, KFC, Coca Cola, Mercedes etc and weaves their stories telling you what led them to become big brands. And you do get a moral lesson at the end of each chapter. To take for instance: the story of “Scrabble” — moral is “not all successful brands are overnight sensations. Are you giving your new brands enough time?”; the brand story of Levis— how a Russian helped create an iconic American brand — “innovation in one market often borrows from other markets. Where could you be borrowing ideas from?”.

Each brand and their stories will make you believe in your ideas as well. Not everything comes easy. There are successes and failures; you hit rock bottom and rise higher and higher; you become an instant hit at one moment and fade from the memory in another. Packed with compelling anecdotes illustrating how to gain increased visibility, cultivate a loyal following and establish a reputation of being the best in the market, From Ideas to Iconic Brands Provides you with a fully equipped toolbox for building a winning brand.

The question is, Are you up for it?



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