Book: Such Is HER Life

Author: Reecha Agarwal Goyal

Genre: Non-Fiction

Publisher: FiNGERPRINT!

She is a woman. She is the most beautiful creation of god. She is a mother, she gives life. She is a sister, always by your side. She is a wife, dedicates herself to you. She is a daughter, your future self. She completes us. She is love. BUT!!! She is asked to compromise. She is asked to change. She is asked to accept. She is asked to forgive and forget. She does!!! She is strong. She is very strong.


Such Is HER Life is a collection of musings that describes the plight of women in our society. From the time a girl is in her mother’s womb, until she gets old. The book describes the difficulties a woman has to face through all stages of her life. We agree or not, but society has created silent norms for the women to follow. And if they dare not to, then the same society will not accept her. The book also covers major social issues that the women of India and across the globe are facing right now. It’s quite hard-hitting the way issues like female foeticide, dowry, racial discrimination, rapes, failed marriages, domestic violence etc. have been mentioned.

Mentioning few snippets that had me thinking;

‘They gave her life. They took it away. All in the name of honour.’

‘Widowed and labelled-Threateningly inauspicious!’

‘For her, there was always an ‘age’ for everything. An age to start sitting properly. A suitable age to get married. A proper age to have kids. Wasn’t age just a number?’

These pieces are like day to day thoughts. They are short and sharp and will hit you hard. But on the contrary, this book might face some disagreements as well. Not just from men but from women too. We cannot deny the fact that things are changing gradually. They are changing for good and we are definitely in a better position. Hence, for many of us, the things written here might not look so much close to real. I myself come from an open-minded background, married in an equally open family, working in a comfortable environment. But if I think about the woman in me, there are certainly some challenges that I too have to face. The challenges that I have seen women around me face.

It is high time that we all ask a question to ourselves as human beings. If a woman does everything that it takes, why can’t we realize her worth? It might sound harsh, but this book is like a tight slap on the face of the society and all those who consider women as nothing.

Author should be lauded for choosing this format of words to express her feelings. You can easily read this book in less than an hour. As they say “Good things come in small packages”, no matter how quick this book is to read, it carries a strong message. Hence, it serves the purpose.


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