Book: The Secret Principles of Genius

Author: IC Robledo

Genre: Self help

Publisher: Jaico


When I had opted to review this book, I genuinely went by the title of the book “The Secret Principles of Genius”. I was quite keen to understand how a book like this could be written— you cannot really jot down a short cut way to being a genius? Can you?

However, I am quite amazed by the way the author IC Robledo, has come up with the “secret principles”. Mind you, this is no secret at all. In fact, the very basic principles that we are somewhere ignoring or being oblivious of, are the ones that can make you, rather, transform you into a “genius”.

Let’s tell you first about the book. The author has very categorically demarcated the book into five parts. In order to make you understand how the principles work, he has given you an “introduction” to how he formulated the book. The basic understanding of the principles of genius people can be cumbersome but Robledo makes it look quite easy to comprehend. That’s because he gives you the purpose behind the book at the outset and then delves into how the book will work for you.

The second part is divided into three sub-parts wherein you are introduced to the basics— the personal qualities of a genius, what are the learnings from the genius, and how they think, strategize and do problem-solving. Now this, I feel, is a key component of the book wherein, you sit down with a pen or pencil in hand and underline the gyaan that the author offers you. When I say gyaan or knowledge, don’t think – “oh, not again”. Because the author has just opened your eyes — knowledge is something that you are observing every day but not applying your mind to it. I don’t wish to delve much into this part as that would become a “spoiler” for those of you who haven’t read the book. It can be a good motivator for those rainy days when all you feel is a gloom surrounding you.

Finally, the “concluding” part of the book parts on the note that all that you learn and master should make you stay grounded because staying humble is not just an important aspect of your personality but also of the genius that you are transforming yourself into. Further, you have to “bring it all together” and basically look at the “path” that now has been opened after an initial “blocking”.

My two cents on the book is that it is surely a good read for those who wish to transform their lives for good. If you are a learner, always hunting for more and never ever sitting down with what you get easily, this book is going to make you alert, observe intelligently and apply the learnings in life.

Don’t read the book for the sake of it. Like I said before, it is a book wherein you have to note down what you read or simply underline the knowledge and get back to it again and again when you feel life is throwing challenges at you.

We all have a genius within, it just needs some polishing and revisiting. Are your ready to unearth the genius in you?


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