They say, good food is synonymous to good life. And there are people who truly live by it. Executive Sous Chef Prasad Metrani and Chef De Cuisine Debajyoti Palroy were on mission last weekend. In a city that turns therapeutic in Monsoons, the Chefs set out to discover the best local Goan food and the flavours that quite excite the taste buds of the visitors.

Prasad Metrani and Debajyoti Palroy

Robust flavors, great local Goan ingredients with an influence of Portuguese – the food in Goa does make it one of the best regional cuisines of India. We had a time of our life we experiencing some of the best flavours of the culinary world in India with expertise from Taj, Hilton, Westin, Leela and Grand Hyatt Goa.

An impromptu thought to try out the local richies coming straight from the routine Ghar ka Khaana ended up into a journey into the heart and soul of Goa.

We decided to stop at Star Light.

The menu looked interesting, we ordered and in no time our food was there. We couldn’t have asked for more seeing Crispy Oysters with reachado sauce and Goan Chorizo Naan staring at us on the dining table and hell, we didn’t even take a minute to gobble them all down.

Goan Chorize Naan is a unique creation by Relly Rodriques (owner, Starlight Assolim restaurant) and what is even more interesting than the Naan itself is Relly’s wife making these Goan marinades, masalas and secret pounded spices in the backyard of the kitchen which gives it a unique flavor.

Fresh sea perch from Arabian Sea coated with peri peri sauce, cheese chili garlic naan, Bombil stuffed with Goan chilies and Chorizo – It’s was absolutely blissful and mind blowing! So much so that I can almost feel the flavours in my mouth as I write this down 😛

Well, this is just one of the many more food escapades we are going to take. We are going to try as many as great interior Local Goan food restaurants in the coming days, get our hands to exciting new recipes, demystify the professional twists to authentic Goan food and much much more. Stay tuned:)

Don’t miss this video we took on our way back to Bambolim as we drove through the beautiful Goa!

About The Author

Prasad Metrani is Executive Sous Chef at Grand Hyatt, Goa. He has a culinary experience of over 10yrs and has worked in premium hospitality brands in India & Abroad at various capacities. He has a diversified background in gastronomical science and kitchen management having worked in all positions at major hotels and restaurant chains. Food presentations over artistic plates is Chef Metrani's strength and passion.

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