I grew up in a nuclear family. Though my grandparents and other relatives lived in the same city, we met on festivals or occasions. I always detested the fact that my maternal grandparents would never visit for a long duration until I would threaten them in my childlike tone. A little similar yet different was the situation for my paternal grandmother. She wanted to come and spend time with us but couldn’t do so as I had an aunt (differently-abled) who preferred staying at our uncle’s home (where she was born) and considered that her home ONLY. I miss my grandparents a lot. While my paternal grandparents and the aunt are in heavenly abode, my maternal grandparents are too old to travel down to Chennai. I wish I can bring them here at least once.

As I see the two grandmothers walking through my the neighbourhood, I am reminded of several such circumstances wherein, the joys of being with grandparents could have been realised by me. I befriended the two grandmother one fine evening when I was talking a walk, with my son in arms, in our otherwise quiet neighbourhood.  They were walking with their 4/5 year old grandson. I was very intrigued by the child as he was too cute and spoke so sweetly. I could imagine how my son would grow up to be soon. What made me connect with the child was that we shared our birthday 🙂

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The grandmothers, like every old lady in the country and in Chennai, asked me if I was working. At that moment, I wasn’t so I told them that. They weren’t very convinced hence asked me about my previous work experience. The name- Times of India, and Editor were enough to make them exclaim with surprise. I was happy that if there was something other than ‘BE or BTech or IT’ that could make two ladies in Chennai exclaim with surprise- it was Times of India. 😀 I wonder what could be their reaction, had I said – The Hindu.

I see the two grandmothers daily. Early morning, early evening, late evening, or sometimes even late afternoon. They accompany each other if not with the child. I see them and wonder what they would be talking about. From their grandson’s future to their daughter’s(in-law) or to their son (in-law), or even the daily mundane activities of their life or perhaps the neighbourhood people. Were they always so friendly since the beginning? Did hostility never ever arose between the two grandmothers? Or was it the child that bound them together or got them together? I don’t know whether they are widowed, but if they are, was it the fact that they do not have their better halves to look upto anymore, which made them come together to take care of their grandchild?

I happen to meet them quite often in the late evenings. Their usual question is whether I found a caretaker and whether I joined work. When I tell them that I do not have a caretaker but I am working somewhere, their eyes go wide. 🙂 May be, they weren’t expecting a mother to leave her child behind in a creche or alone in the house with some other person. Did they think what a heartless mother I am? I neither know nor would I want to know.

The thing that definitely piques my curiosity is the fact that whether ever in this life would I be able to see my son enjoying with his two grandmothers together, holding their hands, and walking together. I do not see it happening any time soon, but later? I hope it happens. I hope it does.


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