The annual Christmas Brunch at Grand Hyatt, Goa, is an endeavour to create a unique experience for the lovers of food in the tropical city. The spread is conceptualized in a way it brings solace and tranquillity in the entire food experience. The ingredients presented at the display usually belong to a stupendous array hailing from almost all regions of the world. There is newness in ingredients and innovations in cuisine every year while the brunch buffet as a whole is designed to create a value addition to the gourmet indulgence.

We make sure the guests and food connoisseurs are served a value-for-money experience against their choices, each of which have undergone precision with a touch of creativity.

Our global customers are special and thus, we analyse every detail of the food products before delivering the best quality to them. The art of innovating new concepts is also carried out keeping in mind the diverse footfalls. There’s ample research that goes into developing dishes using high-end ingredients and an effort is made to retain the natural flavour and taste of the food items.

The ingredients used this year have been divided into various sections and we are calling it – ‘The Wicked Liquid Christmas Brunch’

The Cold Salad Bar

The section comprises of Homemade cold cuts, Gallantines, Ballontines, Tian cakes, Smoked salmon, Black forest ham, Spanish Chorizo, Iberico ham, Mortadella, Turkey Pastrami, Calamari, Pepperoni are the prime ingredients herein. While, Gravlax Bar, along with its accompaniments, is kept as a highlight.

cold-salad-bar       gravlax-cold-meats-antipasti

The Veg Antipasti Section

The Vegetarian Antipasti has Buffalo mozzarella, Porcini mushroom, Shitake, Romaine, Radicchio, Iceberg, Red Salad bowl.

Organic vegetable marinated bar with fresh produce from farms directly on plates with specialties like Japanese Watermelon radish, Jicama, Baby golden beets, Mexican cukes, Tomatillos, Cherry tomatoes on vine, Red radish, colored carrots etc to name a few in this platter.

The Cheese Section

Pecorino, Parmesan, Ricotta, Stilton, Gruyere, Brie, Emmenthal, Gorgonzola, Danish Blue, Goat Cheese, Camembert, Manchego, Edam, Red Cheddar, Mild Cheddar, with imported pine nut, crackers and Australian grapes as its traditional accompaniments.


Fresh Baked Breads

The world is looking at various seeds and flours having less calories and high fibre content, therefore, flours like multi-force, bran, olive, are used to make the breads.

Different seeded breads in various forms like burgers and hotdogs are also used in the brunch.

gingerbread-house    stollne-bread

European Specialties (Non Veg)

Muscovy duck breast, Chilean sea bass, Norwegian Salmon , Octopus , Oyster, Arrabiata sea lobster, Arabian sea prawns, clams and mussels.

Butterball Turkeys have been especially flown in from the USA.


European Specialties (Veg)

Spices Used

Sumac, Zatar, Creole, Cajun, Miami, Jerk, Dutch Asparagus, Morels, Haricot Verts, Snow Peas.etc.


Decceco, Rustichella (Italian handmade artisan pasta), Vialone Black rice risotto

The Carvery Station

An exhibition of carved meat like Lamb Loin, Lamb Saddle, Whole Turkey, Roast Duck, Smoked Kingfish, Roast Stuffed Beckti is done in this particular section.


Homemade Pates & Terrines

The rustic old yet new concept of having a pine nut and avocado pate is presented here.

Italian Carpaccio

Thin slices of aubergine with extra virgin olive oil and vegetable carpaccio are ethnic.

Crespelle Station

Nothing like a crisp cerpe with the flavours of roasted celery, prawn and cherry tomatoes tantalizing the taste buds. The entire process of preparing the crepes is a treat in itself.

Goan Barbeque Counters with specialties of Chonak fry in rechado spice, Kingfish fry, clams pulao, Goan curries, Pork Sorpotel etc.

Fresh oven-baked pies and tarts.

A olive ricotta pie with spinach straight out the oven!

LIVE Fire & Dips

The concept of frying fresh meat, vegetable, fish with various spices of jerk, cerole, Cajun, Miami or rubs like parataco, zatar are served with traditional sauces in at a display in this section.


LIVE Chocolate Fondue with elaborate, selection of dessert like – Brule, gateaux, baked cheese cake, mousse, parfait, different chocolates seasonal fruit based gateaux and cake with sugar-free and eggless varieties.

In the times and age when foodies are turning conscious about fat-free and sugar-free diets, the desserts have been created in a manner to make it more nutritious and palatable.

Regional Dessert along with set curd is one of the variations, along with smoothie and sorbet – gives rest between different courses.


Last but not the least, a few South-East Asian specialties, good traditional Indian selections including mouth-watering kebabs and house specialty biryanis are also the part of the buffet.

kebabs    indian-food-goan-tandoor

With a vision of leaving a long-lasting impact on the taste buds, this brunch is a marriage of innovation and creativity and there’s an honest attempt to create mouth-watering delicacies in a style that makes Goans & tourists fall in love with the global flavours this Christmas!

Wishing you all a flavourful Christmas!! 🙂


About The Author

Prasad Metrani is Executive Sous Chef at Grand Hyatt, Goa. He has a culinary experience of over 10yrs and has worked in premium hospitality brands in India & Abroad at various capacities. He has a diversified background in gastronomical science and kitchen management having worked in all positions at major hotels and restaurant chains. Food presentations over artistic plates is Chef Metrani's strength and passion.

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