As India gears up for one of the most-celebrated festivals – Diwali – there are organizations who are working to light up the lives of the less privileged.

The Angels Network is one such organization/community that is making efforts to make a difference this festival of lights.

Presently, it is collecting clothes on behalf of Vintage Affaire, an organization that collects used/unused clothes, puts them up for auction and the proceedings go to the organizations supported by The Angels Network.

It supports a number of charitable organizations, people like Bal Bhavan, Earth Saviours Foundation, Angel Home, Saksham, Children of the World and many more who endlessly work to help those in need and are an epitome of giving and humanity.

For these homes, The Angels Network collects food items like rice, pulses, wheat flour, cooking oil, salt, sugar, rusk packets, sharbat, biscuits, and other items that can be used in daily cooking.

Toiletries like bathing soap, toothpaste, washing powder, shampoo, talcum powder, hair oil, disinfectants, sanitary pads and other items for daily use are also collected.

Old toys, books, clothes, household items, cooking utensils, appliances, furniture and anything else that could be utilized in a home are also accepted.

You can find more info on their Facebook page.

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