The Angels Network consists of a group of volunteers with a common aim – “paying it forward.” It is neither an NGO, nor a registered organization; it’s just a group of people, like you and me, bent on spreading joy.

Why joy? Why not something more concrete, something that is of more practical use to the people that need it? It’s not something we often think about but perhaps joy is the most practical gift of all. It lights up people’s faces with smiles and makes them forget their practical, humdrum lives, just for a bit.

The Angels Network operates on this premise. They work as a cohesive unit in an attempt to alleviate the sorrows of the underprivileged. The Angels do not ask for much from any of us – just a bit of time and whatever is within our capacity to give. It could just be a cake we bake, some things we have never used; food items; toiletries; old books, toys, furniture etc.; or just our presence at one of their events.

In the four years of its existence, The Angels Network has reached out to several homes and charitable organizations and supports them in various ways.

  • BAL BHAVAN – is an inspirational residential cum school facility in Greater Noida. It houses over 220 children (aged between 4 and 18 who are orphans, refugees, children of drug addicts, leprosy patients, sex workers etc.).
  • EARTH SAVIOURS FOUNDATION – is an internationally recognized NGO in Delhi that provides shelter for the homeless, elderly and abandoned.
  • ANGEL HOME – situated in Chattarpur, this is the home of Robert and Annie who 14 years ago adopted their first child named ANGEL, and since then have adopted 22 more abandoned children.
  • SAKSHAM – is a school in Gurgaon which was started by a homemaker with a goal of changing the lives of children of domestic workers, construction laborers and other underprivileged families.
  • DUKH BHANJAN TRUST – was set-up as an overflow facility of the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi specifically for patients who come from a disadvantaged background.
  • CRECHE / DAYCARE CENTRE – situated in Dakshinpuri, the daycare centre houses 50-60 kids from the economically backward classes, in the age group of 1-5.
  • SAMARPAN HOME – located in Maharani Bagh, this is a small home run by the Samarpan Foundation since July 2009 for orphan, abandoned and abused children as well as children from disadvantaged families.

Apart from the support provided to these organizations, the Angels also have two great initiatives:

  • BOUQUET OF SIGHT – This is a very special collaboration with The Venu Eye Institute & Research Center in New Delhi. Bouquet of Sight is an opportunity to honor a special day by giving the gift of sight to someone in darkness, at the cost of Rs 1,500/-.
  • THE VINTAGE AFFAIRE – The Vintage Affaire has turned into one of our biggest annual events. Each year, the Angels collect our used clothes and branded fashion items that are in EXCELLENT CONDITION and have a huge sale to raise money for the homes.

How can you help, you say? In so many ways…

  1. Attend the events hosted by the Angels
  2. Celebrate your birthday at one of the homes – spread some smiles
  3. Get in touch to organize special treats and gifts
  4. Sponsor a child’s birthday or a party at one of the homes
  5. Donate some necessities or volunteer your time
  6. Join the Angels on their many visits to the homes
  7. Spend some time with the inmates; make them feel special
  8. Share The Angel Networks’ posts on social media – it is what drives their initiative

Join The Angel Network. Assist the Angels in the herculean effort they have undertaken. While what you donate will assist them for sure, the bright smiles and the love you will receive will remain in your mind forever.

To get in touch with The Angels Network, become an Angel, or just find out how you can best assist them, write to or visit their Facebook page:

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